The FuneralConnect Platform

Add a digital component to your service package with online memorials.

Platform Features

FuneralConnect will enable your clients to create attractive online memorials in minutes!

The platform is based on – a leading online memorials provider that was featured on TechVibes, Canadian Business, Digital Journal,, The Digital Beyond and more.

Following is a summary of the features and benefits of a FuneralConnect online memorial.

Note: Customers have over 40 designer-themed templates to select from. See all templates >>

Technology Stack

FuneralConnect uses standard technologies:

* MySQL Database
* PHP data integration
* HTML5 / CSS / Javascript
* Responsive design (coming soon)

Hosting is your choice:
* Can be on your own server, or
* On our secure cloud server
* Hosting locked to your country for data privacy
* Compliant security standards (OWASP Top 10 + more)

Maintenance & Support

We constantly update and improve the system and also add features. The platform also gets better with every client implementation. We charge a yearly fee to be available for maintenance and support as needed.